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Cuddle with cute girl tonight Seeking Sexy Meeting

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Cuddle with cute girl tonight

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Let's Have Fun Pleeeeaaaase. W4m I have a day off and I am needing a release.

Age: 40
Relationship Status: Divorced
Seeking: I Am Ready Sex Contacts
City: Gold Coast–Tweed Heads
Hair: Thick
Relation Type: Are You South Philly's Best Cock Sucker

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Top definition. Cuddle Call unknown.

The act of texting or calling a person, usually late at night, with the intention of strictly cuddling. None of that vute up" business.

The official rules for a Cuddle Call are as follows: The text message or phone call must be straight to the point and must include the word cuddle. As you are sending or receiving cuddle with cute girl tonight text or phone call you must apply deodorant or some sort to your body.

Nobody wants to cuddle with the a person that reeks of B. Quickly travel to your cuddle partners location and then get to cuddling. You may whisper sweet nothings into each other's ears tonighht you agree on it.

If you both decide something physical should occur you must immediately toniight the title of your rendezvous to a Booty Call. Example 1 Marie: You don't want to jump into anything too quickly. Maybe you should try a Cuddle Call.

Like a booty callbut tonighf cuddling instead of sex. Not a booty call but similar in the call for satisfaction nature of the behavior.

What's going on? Cuddle Call?

Calling someone over just so cuddlewatch movies, and fall asleep: Something bitches use to cock tease. Usually only enjoyed by said bitches or fudge packers who have yet to fuddle they like to pack fudge.

Zomfg stacey companions dating cuddle with cute girl tonight me up for an awesome cuddle. Chads non gay friend: Dude, stop touching my ass. A time when your girl comes over late but she just wants to cuddle. If that girl calls you, and you think it's a booty callcutd.

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It might just be a cuddle. What, you egg?

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