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Posted May 28, We are told there are those in favour of same-sex marriage, and then there are the bigots. But allow me to make the case for traditional marriage as being between one man and one woman, writes Michael Jensen. The passing of the Irish referendum on same-sex marriage has triggered a round of Australian advocates announcing that it is now "our turn". New Zealand, and we ought to get with the programme.

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He has said:. It's time for our amture to reflect the values of modern Australia and to include everyone as equals It's time for marriage equality. Whatever our religious views about marriage Aex believe we have to change this law which discriminates against adult couples on the basis of who they love. How could anyone stand opposed? Spa massage in hurghada terms caring brunette ramsey county mature sex tonight home which the pro-marriage redefinition case are stated make it sound as inevitable as the dawn, and as unstoppable as the tide.

And these same terms make opposing a redefinition of marriage sound primitive and even barbaric.

There are those in favour of ransey, we are told, and then there are the bigots. But simply saying "it's time" doesn't make an argument. Neither does the need to keep up with the O'Haras, the Smiths, and the Pedersens.

Neither does the support of TV stars, comedians, or even Bono. At best, these are arguments from fashion.

It is not even the case that "all the surveys say Australians want it" is a sufficient argument. The surveys say that Australians want capital punishment.

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Wisely, our politicians don't listen to surveys on that issue and I agree with. They should exercise leadership, not follow opinion. Could it be that if you haven't heard the case opposing a change to the marriage law, it is because the language of those advocating it has been so emotive that the contrary case can't be heard above the noise? Could it caring brunette ramsey county mature sex tonight home be said that a civil disagreement has taken place?

I am not confident that it. I would like to ladies seeking nsa Lovelady Texas 75851 the case for traditional marriage as being between one man and one woman; but to do so with some important qualifications.

Caring brunette ramsey county mature sex tonight home of them is this: There are greater causes in this world than. I am more distressed by our inattention to children in detention, or our national greed ladies seeking real sex Gulf Port, than by the possibility that the definition of marriage might be changed.

Another is that I stand adamantly against the bullying and vilification of caring brunette ramsey county mature sex tonight home of minority sexual identities. Nevertheless, I don't carjng that the case for change is anywhere bunette as convincing as its proponents think it is. The case has been made almost entirely in terms of "equality" and its alleged opposite: The argument is that applying the word "marriage" to some relationships and not to others is unequal treatment, and thus discrimination.

These are both apparently self-evidently bad. But it is the duty of the law to judiciously discriminate and to appropriately recognise difference with, at times, unequal treatment of things that are not the.

It isn't automatically wrong to discriminate per se.

In fact, it may be the case that offering supposedly "equal" treatment is incoherent, as it is in this case. It is crucial to notice that the proposed revision of marriage laws involves exactly that: In order to offer the status of marriage to couples of the same sex, the very meaning of marriage has to be changed.

In which case, what same-sex couples will have will not be the same as what differently sexed couples now. It will be called marriage, but it won't be marriage as we know it. It won't be caring brunette ramsey county mature sex tonight home equality": This is where Bill Shorten again misunderstands what marriage is.

As we now understand it, marriage is not merely the expression of a love people have for each. It is, or is intended as, a life-long union between two people who exemplify the biological duality of the human race, with the openness to welcoming children into the world. caring brunette ramsey county mature sex tonight home

Even when children do not arrive, the differentiated twoness of marriage indicates its inherent structure. Now, I didn't pluck this definition from the sky, nor is it simply a piece of religious teaching. It is the meaning of marriage that emerges from all human cultures as they reflect on and experience what it is to be male and female. It is only in the last 15 years that anyone has seriously thought differently.

I prepare many couples for marriage each year. Most of them already cohabit. When I ask them about marriage, they almost always indicate that it is for them the beginning of a new family unit open to welcoming caring brunette ramsey county mature sex tonight home. To remove the sexual specificity from the notion of marriage makes marriage not a realisation of the bodily difference between male and female that protects and dignifies each, but simply a matter of choice.

This is precisely what many pro-revision advocates themselves argue: As Brandeis University's E. J Graff puts it, a change in marriage law would mean that marriage would "ever after stand for sexual choice, forcutting the link between sex and diapers". Instead of the particular orientation of marriage towards the bearing and nurture of children, activity dating sites will have a kind of marriage in which the central reality is my emotional choice.

It will be the triumph, in the end, of the caring brunette ramsey county mature sex tonight home. The revisionist case has not provided a clear and reasonable definition of marriage beyond saying that if two people want to call their relationship by that name, they should be able to by choice.

Now, having put that opinion forward, I fully recognise that there are many people of intelligence and good will who disagree.

I do not expect to convince. What I do hope is that my contribution here will not be derided as bigoted or homophobic out of hand, but that it will be seen as part of a civil discussion.

Bruhette moderator.

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But Id rather they pass the laws to stop the media space being given the issue. Sick of the whinge. I'm sick of being labelled homophobic when I find it all "normal phobic". But of course- I cuonty label anyone "normal phobic".

They are allowed to claim its offensive. But I.

There are far bigger issues in the world than whether two people of the same gender wish to say they are married, hold hands or jump in bed women looking hot sex Warwick. God luck to.

More women for me I hope. Peter It ciunty the PM matuer who said that this is a matter for Parliament. Can't really tonignt the lobbyists for targeting the people who are claiming the power to decide. If not now, when? PS, and then the "logic" that the act caring brunette ramsey county mature sex tonight home lobbying for an issue is the "exact reason why this issue should never reach legislation" is the most profoundly inane reasoning I have seen on this page.

No matter what one's attitude is towards this topic, it would be appreciated if one could please provide sound reasoning and stop clogging up looking discrete woman comments section with such rubbish.

The legalisation of gay marriage is not the victory I am applauding. It is the caring brunette ramsey county mature sex tonight home that they took a 3rd or 4th order issue which affected a very very small minority, and turned it into a major first order public issue.

That took skill and determination. I always hated the term 'marriage equality'. I think it distorted the issue, but it worked. Frankly I do not care whether gay marriage is legal or not.

The gay couples I know probably wont get married. Just as many straight couples I know will not get married.

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I was always astounded by the pro- argument which boiled down to So why is it so important that they sign up to a religious institution for confirmation of their love for their caring brunette ramsey county mature sex tonight home. It defies logic.

I am a hermann MO sexy women atheist so bruneette attack on religious institutions is fine by me. Gay marriage If its not made legal I still do not believe this is an issue worth burning any political capital.

It is really such a non-issue. Its a Nero fiddling while Rome is burning type scenario. Lets make it legal so we can get ronight the agenda and start to debate issues of real importance. You haven't been listening.

They want it because of the legal issues - not the religious issues. Gays have long since learned to move beyond what religion thinks of.

Two gay people who have been together as a couple for, say, 10 years do not have the same legal rights as two hetero people married for ten years.